Lord Rama, the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu,the greatest man that ever lived on this earth. A man who is the epitome of love and justice; an ideal son, an ideal brother , an ideal husband; he is an example for all.

He was perfect in every sense of the world. An ideal son, he left a vast empire to fulfil his father’s last vow. An ideal king, he left his wife to fulfil the “dharma” of a just king.No mortal could ever dream to be like him. He was a living legend; admired,respected and worshipped by all.

Yet the jokes that seem to be circulating these days on all social networking sites just breaks my heart. A message in which a pregnant mother asks her daughter as to what kind of brother she wants, to which the girl shamelessly replies; a brother like “Ravan”; because Ram left his wife listening to a Dhobi.

Incomplete knowledge of our mythology or overconfident youngsters; what do we call it ? A man as great as Rama…how dare you raise your finger on him? As my mother says : “ hum log to Rama ke charno ki dhool ke barabar bhi nahi hai”. You, a mere mortal, question the integrity of Lord Rama. If you knew your mythology correctly, you’ll remember the explanation given in Ramayan.

When Laxman asked Rama why he is leaving his wife, just based on what a Dhobi says, Rama said, “ had i been a mere mortal and not a king, i could have done what i wanted. But the dharma of a king is different from that of a comman man. For a king, his people or his ‘praja’ is foremost. When he becomes a king, he pledges to put his ‘praja’ before his family”. That’s why he is Rama…” the maryada purshottam”

None of us could ever compare to him. Each of us; with our desires, whims and fantasies ; could never compare to that man who left his beloved wife to fullfill the Dharma of a king. He knew his wife was facing hardships of the forest. As a doting husband,he too sacrificed the comforts of the palace. He slept on the floor, ate ‘ Satvik food’ and led the life of a ‘Tapasvi’. He fulfilled his duties in the Darbar and led a lonely life in the palace.

Those who call him selfish or question his love for his wife, seem to have forgooten that it was Rama who got Sita’s gold statue made to perform the “ ashwamedha yagya”.

Some people also question his love and faith for his wife on the grounds that he asked Sita for the “ Agni pariksha”. Again the explanation is given in Ramayan. Rama took this birth to punish Ravan for his sins. When the time came to put his plan into action or you can say ‘ jab bhagwan ki leela shuru hui’, then Ram returned Sita ( Or Goddess L axmi) to Lord Agni because Sita was so pure that had Ravan dared touched her, he would have been burnt to ashes. It was just the shadow of Sita that remained behind; it was Sita’s shadow that Ravan kidnapped. After Ravan was killed, Agnipariksha was the medium to get Goddess Sita back from Lord Agni.

So all those ignorant people out there, know your mythology before you dare raise a finger on Lord Rama. He was the most perfect person in every way and none of us could ever be like him; the one and only “ MARYADA PURSHOTTAM”.

Dentist by profession with a love for writing!