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Yes u read it right, I truly am against women empowerment.
Only those who believe that women are less capable than men, talk of women empowerment. Women are, and always have been at par with men. They are in fact, ahead of men, be it in terms of determination, confidence, will power or emotional stability.
That’s why I belive that women who say that it’s difficult to work in a male-dominated society ,are actually  the ones who are finding an excuse of not doing work.When people talk of equality among both sexes, then why should there be a special privilege demanded for ladies.
Agreed that not only for a lady but for anyone it’s difficult to maintain both professional work and household chores.
That’s why people earlier divided the work among both equally as women are more efficient in handling housework and men in earning .
But it’s commendable that in the modern era women are also working outside their homes. Here if you talk of equality that means both husband and wife should do professional work along with the house work equally.
If women think that they are behind men just because they are doing their work at home only then it’s not the fault of society but you yourselves.It’s just the clinched thinking of people that has catched pace as always.
So now if women really want themselves to be treated as equal as men, then stop talking of women empowerment. Men and women have been equal since centuries. Women don’t need any empowerment or special privilige to prove their worth. They are more than capable of carving a niche for themselves .

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