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  1. In the virtual world of shopping , you no longer have the authority to bargain for the stuff you buy and try however how hard you may , online shopping is inevitable and is here to stay. In today’s world where from diapers to luxury items are available for sale via an app , one needs to keep their eyes open ,to not fall into the traps of the e-commerce companies. For all the shopaholics turned into e-shopaholics , here is a guide to help you become a smart e-shopaholic.
  • SLEEP ON IT : Random browsing during the free time we get or the office lunch hours – end result : buying unwanted stuff.  To avoid this, just add the item to your wishlist and wait for a few days. The things which lured you that day might not seem interesting after two days and this will help you keep a check on the things you buy just on an impulse. And as the old age wisdom goes, just to be sure of something, sleep on it.


  • COMPARE,COMPARE,COMPARE : For every item available in the market, there are hundreds of sites and options available to choose from. Do not buy stuff from a website just because you always buy through it. Compare the items’ prices on various websites to get the best deal.


  • CHOOSE THE WALLET WISELY : With varied wallet options available now, you need to choose the one which suits your needs the best and which offers you the best discounts.For example: PayUmoney offers additional 1% discount if you choose it as the payment option.


  • LEAVE IT FOR A DAY OR TWO : Add the things you want to buy and leave it in the cart for a day or two. There are very high chances that the website would offer you some discounts, schemes or cashback with it just to get you to buy the stuff.


  • USE CASHBACK , LOYALTY POINTS WISELY : While choosing the which card to use for payment, check on the one which provides you the maximum cashback. Many websites also provide loyalty points for shopping with them which can be redeemed for the next purchase. The thing to be kept in mind here is that at some places , the loyalty points can be redeemed under a blanket of brands which fall under the same group company. For example : the points you earn while shopping at Tanishq may be redeemed for buying a watch at Titan.


  • HIDDEN COSTS: Some websites may show you a lower price of an item but by the time you checkout to buy it , the cost adds up by including taxes and delivery charges.Add this to your cost while comparing beforehand. Also, to be noticed is that some websites charge you extra for choosing the Cash On Delivery option. 


  • THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SALE: You cannot escape the viscous cycle of discounts.Usually the discounts offered are after a price hike which then turn out to be of no use.Before buying a product, have a basic idea of what the product or similar products cost in general. Similarly,you need to be vigil that the product which you might be buying at a cheaper rate may not be the same volume/size/quantity i.e. if 500ml of a perfume costs Rs.4000 and you are getting it for Rs.2000 , make sure that it is the same 500ml perfume and not a 200ml bottle.


Who says you need to stop shopping online , you just need to be smart enough and save the buck wherever possible. After all , every penny saved is a penny earned. Keep calm and keep shopping, smartly.



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