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We will discuss following administrative tasks from Console:

  1. Application deployment from Console
  2. en/disable or assign/unassigned from individual group (console)


Application Deployment from Console

Please let me know if you need sample application for deployment

1. Login to console
2. Navigate to Runtime --> Server/Domain --> Manage Deployment
3. Click on Add to start deploying new application. Select Managed and browse your local system for path where application archive is placed and click Next.
4. Optionally change Name & Runtime Name, if required. Click Save to proceed.


Below Steps are Specific to Standalone Mode, else skip to Domain Mode steps

5. Now Application is deployed, we can enable or disable it by clicking on En/Disable Button.
6. Confirm and applications gets deployed and started


Application is now deployed and started on standalone server.


Below Steps are Specific to Domain Mode

Now, since application is deployed, we need to Assign application (target to server) and then activate it.

5. Click on Assign
6. Select group and check to enable application. Save to proceed

Application is deployed and started on the target 🙂



enable/disable or assign/unassigned from individual group (console)

1. You can also en/disable or unassigned from individual group :
2. Use Assign/Remove/(En/Disable) buttons as required



We are done 🙂 Please do comment for any queries or suggestions.

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