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Last night ,randomly browsing through a social networking site , I came across an article about my hometown when suddenly nostalgia hit me , yet again. Having gotten married in a different city , it was not a new thing for me. Over the past half an year , it had happened to me hundreds of times. And why would it not, when you have grown up and spent a good twenty five years in the city  you call your hometown. I shifted from a nice peaceful city to a hustling bustling , bursting with population and pollution , a hardcore metro city. While moving to a new house , I used to compare everything with my old home , my old life. I used to just sit and stare at the window thinking about how easy my life was at my parents place and how convenient and free I was to roam about in my hometown,being familiar with each nook and corner of the city, feeling safe throughout. I would often end up comparing what my life would have been if I wouldn’t have moved cities . How I could still visit my parents whenever I felt like knowing that they are just a few minutes away. I started cribbing about the traffic, the rude people and even how different seasons were , how the rains did not feel same as the monsoon in my city until one day I gave up.

The new life(style) slowly started sinking to me. The traffic or the distances were no longer an issue to crib about (though things do get on my nerves at times) , the seasons can’t change at my whims and fancies and well the people : you decide that this is how the people of the city are but all of them are not the same and I finally made peace with the fact that this is MY city now .This is where I have to live now .

People move all the time , be it for jobs, marriage , career , education and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is hit by nostalgia. I learned that this is how you learn new things, meet new people, make new friends and broaden your horizon and move on in life.  This is the city my children will call their hometown and I am sure the things I crib about ,they will miss it someday when they move out.I have had my share of struggle of settling into a new city and a new family and might have many more problems ahead of me but then I also have something to look forward to .

A part of me , my life will always belong to my hometown and still croon for that old simple life and I will still miss not being able to see my parents whenever I feel like but I also realise that life goes on and you have to make new memories to look back to in the future. Happy memories , good memories.

While sometimes I still sit by the window remembering the good old days.


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