Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs has embarked on an ambitious project to convert the entire proceedings of Parliament and 31 state legislatures completely paperless. The entire project is designed and developed as per the rules and procedures of the respective houses. Ministry of Paramilitary Affairs has been working on an ambitious project called National E-Vidhan or NeVa to enable all the state legislatures and the two houses of Parliament to go completely paperless. Everything like submission of notice by a member for asking a question, its acceptance, relevant correspondence with the concerned ministry, and receipt and processing of the information will become completely paperless.

“A notice is generated by a member, so the member can generate the notice online through an e-platform, same question can be sent digitally to ministries and departments for their replies, no papers need to be printed,”.

Parliament and state assemblies have 5,379 members who together pose nearly 2 lakh questions every year regarding the functioning of the respective governments. Also, Parliament and state assemblies together present more than 500 committee reports and deal with more than 1700 bills in a year. In addition to this, more than 10,000 papers are tabled and more than 25,000 notices are also given each year. This requires massive paper work including authentication of documents to be admitted into the respective house.

National E-Vidhan project will completely remove the need for use of paper in all the business transacted by the Parliament and state assemblies. Members will be able to submit their questions even by using their mobile phones and the reply will also be made available to them on their phones. And it will be available to other members and general public as well at the same time it is presented to the respective house. The technology used in National E-Vidhan project is platform neutral.

Under the National E-Vidhan Project, the government will spend Rs. 740 crore on making each and every legislature in the country completely paperless, this will be shared jointly by the central government and state governments.

The entire project and technology will be provided by central government’s National Informatics Centre(NIC).

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