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The meaning of religion seems to have been changed in the present scenario.

It  no longer represents the ideologies of people calling themselves religious on the pretext of visiting temples daily with a big tika on their forehead; rather,today it represents individulas who want peace without fighting for it. I believe that a true religious person is one who has atleast once in his lifetime read his religion books, has the sense to apply their philosophies in his daily life; one who leads his life according to the principles and ideals described in them.

People who are fighting in the name of Geeta, Quran; i ask u today; do you even have the faintest idea as to what these holy books represent. Can you, who are fighting and shedding blood in the name of Ram Mandir, ever understand and appreciate the ideology of Lord Rama.

In India, irony is that people are forced to keep their hands on Holy Geeta before saying anythIng in court of law, but are never asked to read it. Do you think these people who take an oath by placing their hand on Holy Geeta, even understand the enormity of the situation or the importance of this holy “granth”. Once you have read this holy book and started following its principles, all such things which u consider very important right now, will begin to look like petty issues. I don’t say to follow it blindly, rather read it and apply its principles. Swami Vivekanada said : Believe not no matter who says it, no matter I said it, no matter where u read it, until it fits to your own reasoning and common sense.

There is nothing wrong in following your religion; what is wrong is fighting in the name of religion. Because no religion asks you to shed the blood of your countrymen. Respect all religions because at the end of the day “GOD IS ONE”


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