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What’s life without siblings?? Eh…let me guess…calm, easy, happy, cheerful, peaceful…n many such lovely emotions…right!! And a life with siblings?? Yeah…u guessed it right…noisy, unpleasant, dramatic,full of tantrums are just to name a few …

But though they make life a bit difficult for us…m sure u’ll agree that nothing can make up for the dramatic life we all enjoy with our siblings.

After all, what’s life without the squabble over the tv remote…bribing the younger ones with their favourite goodies to just watch over an episode of “ FRIENDS”…OR arguing about who mom loves the best…or my favourite one…as to who is daddy’s most “ adorable princess”..and many more such everyday dramas and tantrums..

And then, who can match the understanding and equation we share with each other. Siblings turn out to be our greatest friends…especially the ones as cute as mine. I can trust them with all my secrets, laugh with them, cry on their shoulder and trust them to be with me through the thick and the thin. I know they will always be behind me….with their constant love and support.

Their love is one of a kind…they’ll fight with u, shout at u, even be rude to you…but dare anyone else stand against u…they’ll be the first ones by your side.No matter how far or near….they are always closest to your heart..

I am really lucky to have such cute angels (maybe demons describes them better) in my life..

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