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People say that the society is partial to the fairer sex. But is it ? They judge us left, right, center , no matter whatever we do.

I’ll start by sharing two situations I recently encountered. Last week , I encountered a turbulence during one of my flights. One of the passengers got up mid flight and made a fuss about it just because at the time of boarding he saw that out of the two pilots,one was a female. His instant reaction after the turbulence was that it must be the female pilot controlling the plane. Apart from the surge of anger that rose in me and knowing that I can do nothing about it , I felt pity for the females in his family , his mother, his wife or probably his daughter. I don’t know what was worse his level of illiteracy and ignorance or his narrow mindedness.

Then there are people who just feel that they are Oh so modern and every female which does not have a full time job is dumb (Trust me , if their wives or daughters come home from work after 9pm , they will have a problem with that too). One of my friends, was in a full time job before she got married. She decided to take a break after marriage since she had to relocate and she wanted to settle in her new life and give the new relationship time. When she started looking for jobs after a few months, the most common comment she faced was Oh, you are a housewife , as if being that is a sin and made her unsuitable for the job. It shattered her confidence each time she heard that. To top it , her family members started questioning as to why she was sitting at home idle making her doubt her own decision. Until one day she decided to not to pay heed to any such talks and realised it was her OWN decision to take a break. She did not regret it , and if that was so, nobody else had the right to make her feel bad about it.

The debate is not about whether to be a homemaker (yes, because housewife is apparently derogatory) or not. The question is when will everybody stop judging us and why do they have to have a take on whatever you do .If you don’t work then you are just a housewife and if you do , you are heartless for not giving your family enough time. If you are at home , you are just babysitting and if you are not , then you are not a good enough mother.If you wear short clothes , you have a bad character , if you wear a saree you are so old fashioned. And all this is happening in an era , when the women all across the globe are taking the world by a storm. Right from whatever you eat or say or wear or how you behave ,you are under scrutiny.Whatever is your choice, you are judged.You will never be good enough for them.

Dear Lady ,it is your life and you have every right on it. Live it the way you want to because the society you aim to please , will never oblige !!

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