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Welcome to your Weblogic Challenge 1 quick test. You will be awarded 1 point for every correct answer and deducted .5 for every incorrect response. There will be 10 Questions!! Best of Luck!! Fill in email & Click Next to start!

1. List the components that comprise WLDF architecture.
2. WLDF supports the following types of notifications
3. The multicast can be tested using
4. In order to configure the Instrumentation, Harvester, and Watch and Notification components at the server level for the Weblogic Diagnostic Framework, what must you first create?
5. The default multicast value used by Weblogic Server
6. A multicast address is an IP address between
7. What is a role of archiver?
8. Which of the following statements is true for built-in roles in the weblogic Server Administration console?
9. With regard to the "external_stage" staging mode, which of the following is
10. The key feature(s) provided by WLDF Instrumentation are

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