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1. Which of the following algorithms is used by the WebLogic Server as the default
load balancing strategy for clustered object stubs when no algorithm is specified ?
2. Which state indicates that the Node Manager is currently restarting a failed Managed Server?
3. which state is not defined by Node Manager
4. WLST Command used to obtain the state of the server
5. Which Statement is true about SSL configuration?
6. What two best practices should be used when exporting an application's
deployment configuration? (Select Two)
7. Oracle recommends which one of the following best pratices when preparing
applications and modules for deployment in production systems
8. Which of the following is not a server life cycle state?
9. While packaging the Web Application DefaultWebApp for deployment into the
WebLogic server, the home and remote interfaces of the enterprise beans used by the servlets should reside in which directory?
10. Assuming that the Administration port is enabled, which of the following
statements are true? (Select two)

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